Step 4: Allowing the Mind to Empty – Polishing your Diamond Within

standing watching the ocean and dolphins jumping mindful practice

So, during steps 1-3, you have practised:

Allow your mind to settle naturally, observing thoughts as they arise without attaching to them.

Let them drift away like passing clouds, returning your focus to your breath.

Now it’s time to plant a few new seeds in the ground of your fallow mind.

a many-faceted cut diamond spins creating a rainbow of colours taking care of your inner eyes WFH

Ancient wisdom tells us that each human has a diamond inside them.

This is their unique true nature, their potential, which may have yet to be realized.

This diamond is perhaps an uncut and unpolished gemstone.

Cutting a tough diamond takes a long time because the diamond has a complex structure and is incredibly hard.

As you know, diamonds are some of the hardest substances on the Earth.

Then, after cutting, the stone is polished by grinding away the top surfaces to reveal the incredibly pure and shiny stone below.

We can work on polishing away other rough substances from our diamonds in the course of life.

Compassion and patience are the two most useful tools in dealing with others.

Making your diamond shine brightly may take a lifetime. This is hard but rewarding spiritual training.

You will meet many rough diamonds in your daily life. You can help to polish their diamonds, too.

To begin with, you must become aware of your shortcomings.

When you have accepted that no one is perfect, you lovingly tell yourself you will rise above them.

And so, with patience and self-compassion, you can succeed.

Accepting that you are enough, just as you are, will give you great happiness.

During this process, you polish away each encrusted facet of your rough diamond and then polish it to dazzle.

This is your radiance, which you can contribute to the world. It is also about harmony.

Do you despair of the troublesome people around you.

Reminding yourself that each being has a unique mind and life experience enables you to be patient and have time for them.

Being compassionate with yourself means that you are very well-disposed to be kind and embracing with others.

You can smile even at the worst times by achieving mindfulness and connecting strongly with your inner universe and unlimited potential.

Remember that a sincere smile can change the world.

So remember to share your smile, even with strangers.

A beautiful smile indicates the most stunning of diamonds within.

4 images of Buddha smile

The benefits of smiling are numerous:

The Buddha is often seen smiling. Scholars say he smiles because he decided to teach the world about enlightenment rather than keep it all to himself. So, when I smile radiantly, even at strangers, I communicate with the whole world or global community.

try something different by connecting with your mindful state, but this time stand in front of a natural light source is possible. Doing this outside is wonderful!

Be aware of your spine lengthening by thinking of the crown of your head ascending into the sky and the soles of your feet descending into the Earth.

You can use your mind like a laser to deflect t he strong force of gravity.

Listening and deepening your breath will help you sense the Earth’s gravitational force. Suddenly you will be aware of this field which we manage on a daily basis.

This in turn will help. you get a vivid image of your inner diamond, your limitless potential deep inside you, at the level of the heart.

Feel its power and breathtaking dazzling.

When you feel it strongly, check your length and widen across your shoulders from the tip of one shoulder to the other.

And smile.

[NOTE: Only try this standing mindfulness pose when you are comfortable being mindful sitting]

After a period of mindfulness, it is very important to come back slowly and carefully. Please don’t rush or you may destroy the benefit you have gained.

Say your affirmation to yourself or out loud but remember to say it with feeling for it to give the greatest benefit.

Affirmation: “I am free from the grip of wandering thoughts, finding peace in the stillness.”

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