About Me

Linden Thorp writer and strategist is a short-haired, blond woman in a striped shirt smiling while standing among plain life-sized clay figures used to bury emperors in ancient Japan.
Me visiting a local Emperor’s tomb surrounded by terra cotta accessories for the invisible world after death.
Linden Thorp writer and strategist is a blond haired, formally-dressed woman standing holding a decorated bell-rope outside a temple entrance in Japan
Me at a Shinto Shrine in Kagoshima, southern Japan, ringing the rope bell for blessings.

I’m British and started as a professional musician. I became fascinated by communication skills, mastered teaching English as a second/foreign/academic language to non-natives, and began to travel and teach. I’ve taught in most places in the world, but Japan is my base now. I’m still a nomad and always will be. As an educator, my style has always been the mindful route. As an Alternative Practitioner (Alexander Technique Writing; Feldenkrais; Kiko; healing; music/sound therapy) I have integrated my trainings in all aspects of my life.

Writing has been my passion and therapy throughout my life – I’ve written four novels, several non-fiction works, and hundreds of articles and papers. I trained as a UX CopyWriter with AWAI, but I don’t earn a living that way any more. I’m living my first-hand life, putting all my energy into being a netpreneur and loving it. I’m on a millionaire challenge (on Day 60 as I write this) and aim to reach my first million in 18 months. I’m also a lifelong Buddhist – involved in many different sects, a Dharma teacher and ordained as a Priest. You can read more about my spiritual insights at Jambhala Wealth.

My most recent project is helping second-hand lifers move into their First-Hand Life to realise their dreams of success and wealth online. I feel passionate that everyone, no matter their status – i.e. regardless of age, disabilities, sexuality or disadvantages – should create a digital ID for the future. With recessions looming and more pandemics straining at the seams, we all need to have a marketplace to go to. But you won’t stand a chance if you have no awareness of all things digital. So, I’ve created a site to deal with this: First-Hand Life.

Linden at Monument Valley, Utah
Me at Monument Valley, Navahoj Territory in Utah, North-Western America.

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