Authenticity: Unveiling your True Nature as a Digital Nomad

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4 thoughts on “Authenticity: Unveiling your True Nature as a Digital Nomad”

  1. Thorougly enjoyed Linden Thorp’s profound take on the digital nomad lifestyle in ‘Authenticity: Unveiling your True Nature as a Digital Nomad.’ The article beautifully articulates the symbiosis between mindset, values, and creativity in this nomadic odyssey. The emphasis on self-honesty, authenticity, and mindfulness resonates deeply. The list of core values is a practical guide, and the journey from burnout to revelation is portrayed with insight. The piece not only unveils the challenges but also provides a transformative perspective. Wealthy Affiliate’s role as a supportive platform adds an exciting dimension. Ready to embrace my ‘True Nature’ on the freedom road! 🌍✨ #DigitalNomad #AuthenticLiving

    • Thank you Ashley. This is high praise. I’m so glad you’ve grasped the reality of true nature.

  2. Thanks for the inspiring post.  As a nomad in my early years, I can relate. It is difficult to mix with different cultures and I am not sure I really understood who I was back then.  

    I think we are always growing within. The core value pointers here are a good guideline. Accepting our humanity and self-forgiveness when we can’t live up to the ideal, fits into the compassion pointer. 

    My question is, how do we practice self-reflection without falling into self-absorption?

    • Hello Vivien,

      Thanks for this incisive comment. I’m glad the core values resonate with you. Change is the only stable thing in the universe! And yes, self-forgiveness is a huge step towards compassion.

      Self-absorption is not a bad thing although we are indoctrinated into the idea that we should always put others first, living a second-hand life. But when you step into your first-hand life, your self-interest is essential to create successfully especially if you are starting an online business. To succeed outwardly, we need to first succeed inwardly and become unconditionally happy and filled with gratitude. 

      To step into the limelight, we have to unswervingly devote ourselves to our creative vision as well as judgments and values. That doesn’t mean to say we cannot be compassionate towards others. Balance in all things.

      This is one of the first on this repurposed site for nomads, so I haven’t yet written the posts that can explain in more depth. But please read more at: First-Hand Life 5-step Preliminaries and….

      Hope this helps.

      Blessings and Success.


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